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Hydraulic Towing Winch In Germantown MD

The towing winch is a device that is specifically designed for towing operations at sea for various types of vessels, such as offshore support vessels, oilfield guard vessels, multi-purpose vessels, and so on, for example, towing a vessel so that it leaves or stops in a port or to move the mooring point, and it is often used for anchor handling and pipeline dredging for platf. It is used on tugboats to steer other vessels by pushing or pulling them, and there are three types of towing: sea towing, port towing, and river towing. And in Germantown MD, we provide all types of towing services related to marine, river, and port.

According to the driving force, towing winches are classified as air towing winches, electric towing winches, hydraulic towing winches, combination winches, and diesel winches. The air motor of the air winch uses compressed air as its driving power. A moving unit, a drum device, a braking device, a winding device, a clutch device, a pedestal, and other components make up the bulk of it.

Hydraulic towing winch

The hydraulic towing winch is a kind of marine winch that is specifically designed and utilized on tugs to tow various types of boats using hydraulic power. To satisfy the working needs, it normally uses a hydraulic motor with two speeds as the power source. The drive for huge tonnage hydraulic towing winches is made up of 2 or even 3 motors. Via a clutch or coupling, the hydraulic motor may directly drive the main shaft. The towing length for towing operations at sea must be at least 200 metres. The longer the towing length must be extended in proportion to the size of the towed boat and the speed at which the tugboat sails.

Parameters of hydraulic towing winch:

  • Load capacity of about 16 tons to 300 tons.
  •    Drum capacity of  500m to 1500m length.
  •    Speed of 4.5 m / min to 20 m / min.
  •    Number of drums provided is single or double.
  •    Certificate: BV, RMRS, DNV, ABS etc.
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Hydraulic Towing Winch Features

  • Inertia force is poor due to its small scale. There will be no major effect if a sudden overload or strop occurs.
  • From zero to full rpm, it can achieve step-less transmission.
  • The hydraulic system and generator are attached by oil pines, allowing the workpiece to be arranged as desired.
  • The hydraulic system can quickly achieve overload protection and can sustain a load for a long time.
  • It’s simple to operate and has a high level of automation.

The Functions of a Hydraulic Towing Winch

When it comes to boat handling, the hydraulic power winch for towing is highly powerful and has a longer life span. It’s commonly used on the beach and on tugboats to tow necessary large vessels. The drum rotates during towing processes to wind the rope in and out. It’s also where the rope is held. Our winch can tow a big boat weighing up to 200 tonnes. We can also create a custom design to suit your specific needs, such as heavier lifting or specific considerations.

These winches are equipped to be solid, long-lasting, and successful in a variety of marine landscapes.

Since a towing winch powered by a hydraulic pump can carry more weight than one powered by an electric motor, it is more commonly used for towing large boats at sea. Large load and rope size, simple and secure installation and function, secure and reliable brake along with the clutch system, high working performance, optional variable speeds, and so on are all features of the hydraulic towing winch.

In Germantown, MD, we provide hydraulic towing winch services. The towing winches we supply are of high quality, with a rated load of up to 300T and the capacity to be used on a variety of towing vessels. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our towing winches.

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